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Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2011 



The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest

Perhaps, the approach of excellence in management and business in the global financial and economic crisis is inappropriate, but we consider that in such critical moments for an organization or a national economy the problem of management efficiency – as a way of considerable improvement of business – should gain greater focus. Our approach tries to highlight, on one hand, the important role of management in obtaining the economic performances, in enhancing the organization competitiveness and, on the other hand, the necessity of gaining excellence in management, as a result of the professionalization of the ones leading and managing the business and the practiced management. ...

2. who benefits from funds of hedge funds? a critique of alternative organizational structures in the hedge fund industry (i)

Yang CAO

Joseph P. OGDEN

Cristian I. TIU

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York


This paper provides a critique of alternative organizational structures in the hedge fund industry. Our critique is facilitated by several stylized models describing alternative industry structures. The models include: (1) An inside-only hedge fund model; (2) A straddling hedge fund model; (3) A straddling “feeder” fund of funds (FOF) hedge fund model; (4) A stand-alone outside hedge fund; and (5) An outside “feeder” FOF hedge fund model. Our discussion of these models, which centers on benefits vs. fundamental problems related to illiquidity, information asymmetry, and conflicts of interest, leads to several hypotheses about the differential characteristics and return performance of both individual hedge funds and FOFs. ...

3. Consideration regarding cost's evaluation in healthcare area

Claudiu CICEA

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


Efficiency in health service sector is particularly important. This is especially important as the medical sector is a major consumer of resources (financial resources, human resources, material resources). Correct assessment of costs within the health system is a priority for any government, manager of an institution in the field, specialist etc. This paper aims to present some aspects considered relevant for assessing the costs in the health sector. ...

4. the pros and cons of internet banking: a short review


University of Western Macedonia, Kozani


Bank fees often strike fear in the heart of the average banking customer. According to a survey by Bank-rate, a company that reports on banks and banking, customers continue to get smashed with higher fees, ranging from ATM charges to minimum-balance fees. In addition, some customers are even charged a commission fee just to speak to a real live bank teller! In a recent checking account pricing study, it was found that interest-bearing checking account customers charged the worst. The average interest charging checking account earns only 0.27 percent interest while account holders pay $10.86 on average in monthly fees. This review in internet banking seeks to show an alternative to banking through “bricks and mortar” and provide an understanding of the pros and cons of going online.   ...

5. Service management - modern approach between past and future


The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


The article presents some basic concepts related to service management, highlighting central characteristics described in three temporary dimensions: past, present and future. The research includes an incursion into classical theories, analyzing present trends and the ability to see them both as opportunities and as barriers for the future of what we define as service management. One of the key elements identified as feasible and improvable in a short time plane is the e-learning service. The research provides a global frame for different areas of modernization in service management, considering the fact that modernization should be associated both with complete change and innovation and with existing elements’ improvement ... 


Razvan-Andrei CORBOS

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


The integration can be used in a strategic way to weaken the short-term competition, by raising the rivals’ costs, or long term - by increasing input costs, to prevent potential competitors. It represents the unification of production, distribution, sales and/or any other economic processes within the same organization. The essence of the integration decision is not represented only by the financial calculation, but also by the qualitative analysis of the efforts and involved effects and by the competitors’ analysis. This paper presents some appropriate approaches in this way, needed to be understood for achieving excellence in management. ...

7. the impact of priorities setting on company performance. analysis of the industrial production in romania and the eu

Georgiana Andreea CIOANA

The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest


To be successful or simply to survive the changing economic environment, companies need to know how to organize their work and how to set priorities that can be monitored, measured and completed in a timely manner. In the current competitive conditions, the adoption of effective manufacturing policies and the establishment of priority systems aimed at achieving high performance is the great challenge the managers of the manufacturing companies are facing. ...

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